Every treatment is specifically designed to offer a unique experience

Wellness & Spa

Boutique Hotel Bura 45 ⁰N, even though is smaller boutique hotel, offers complete range of services in order to fully relax and unwind. Renovated wellness and spa area, together with Beauty Centar by Renata is offering wide range of services which will either provide guests with feeling of pampering, or will allow them to rejuvenate their bodies and give themselves a little bit of “me “ time.


Rejuvenate your spirit, detox your body, relax yourselves in our saunas.


Finish sauna

Spending time in Finish sauna will have positive impact to your immune system, especially in hard times in which we found ourselves lately. We are making sure saunas are rented out on individual basis only, so in order to secure your time, and be safe at the same time, we are recommending making an appointment for individual usage of saunas, duration from half an hour to one full hour, at special promotional rate for hotel guest.


Turkish Sauna

Turkish sauna will immediately make you feel better, your muscles will be relaxed, and all the toxins will be released from your body, so this is perfect place to go after some physical activities around the hotel, for example like hiking in Paklenica mountain, or biking through the Nature park in Velebit. In order to secure your treatment, guests are motivated to book their private time in Turkish sauna as well. After each treatment, our saunas are disinfected, and thoroughly cleaned.

Face & Body tretman

Take time to relax


Wellness & Spa center

offers two different rooms where guests will be able to relax with different massages, face treatments, body treatments. Wellness therapist will give recommendation based on analysis, and you can be sure that this treatment will be the one for you, with high quality products in order to accomplish the best result. All hotel guests are also entitled to a special promo discount on a welcome massage on a day of arrival, so make sure you start your stay with us with relaxation.


Strength and Conditioning, Weightlifting, Friendly Environment